About us

Our Profile

Mavatar develops and manufactures diagnostics for drug treatment. The background problem is that medication is ineffective in many patients. This problem arises from disease complexity; each disease may involve altered interactions between thousands of genes, which can vary between patients with the same diagnosis. Several factors play a crucial role in such variations, including age, sex, metabolism, and ethnicity.

Today, many patients are treated without the healthcare system having tools to predict the effect or side effects of a drug.

Mavatar has developed a solution that helps clinicians find the right treatment for each individual.
Mavatar’s solution consists of a diagnostic platform, which has tools to predict optimal treatments for individual patients with several diseases.

Our History

The company was founded in 2018 by Professor Mikael Benson as a start-up in collaboration with Linköping University and the Karolinska Institute.

Mavatar’s technology is based on more than twenty years’ research from Dr Fredrik Barrenäs and Professor Mikael Benson, and internationally leading collaborators.

In 2020, development of the company’s first diagnostic platform began, focusing on COVID-19. Thereafter, the development of an oncology portfolio and several other diseases continued.

Mavatar’s objective is to develop personalized medication for all human diseases.

Our Technology

We construct and computationally treat digital twins of individual patients, based on integration of genomic and clinical “big” data. Our technology and portfolios are continuously updated by Mavatar’s research team.

Complex diseases can be caused by altered interactions between thousands of genes in millions of cells. Two patients with the same diagnosis may not have identical alterations. It may vary from individual to individual. A medication that is effective in one cancer patient may be ineffective in another, even though the diagnosis is the same.

Complex diseases include most common diseases, including asthma, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, obesity, psoriasis, COVID-19 and others.

Genomic medicine entails a deeper analysis of the alterations that occur in the body of an individual patient.
Mavatar obtains a high-resolution understanding of the disease, on a molecular level.