Matching patients with medical treatments

Mavatar is an artificial intelligence company with an  AI based technology platform  that  tackles global healthcare challenges:
patients not responding to treatment, surging healthcare costs and the high failure rate of clinical drug trials. The possibilities with our platform is beyond these applications.

We pursue these goals using two complementary strategies:

-Using single cell RNA sequencing in our AI platform we create billions of digital twins of patients with complex diseases. By analyzing these twins we identify optimal treatments for each patient, thereby accelerating recovery and avoiding needless suffering. This also saves precious resources for the healthcare system.
-AI is a powerful approach to discover hidden information in big data analyses. We utilize this to re-construct cellular mechanisms in a data-driven manner. This enabled us to discover novel drug targets, mechanisms of action and biomarkers.

We live in a world of data. Research fields like pharmacology, immunology, genetics, epidemiology and others generate massive amounts of data every day. Being able to leverage these massive datasets is of immense value for designing new pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and personalized therapies.

Mavatar assemble big biomedical datasets from clinical, pharmaceutical and biomedical studies. We then deploy artificial intelligence (including deep neural networks) to uncover hidden biological signatures, such as cellular pathways and disease mechanisms.

These AI-driven biological insights are analyzed by our experienced research team, for our precision medicine and drug development projects.